You may need a better calculator:
light, convenient and fast to start, fast to complete daily calculations
powerful and versatile, easy to handle complex calculations

Key Features

- Calculation formula displayed by writing habit, at a glance.
- Supports fractions, percentages, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, and other calculations.
- Enter equations like text, copy, paste, insert, modify, etc.
- All calculations are displayed in a list, click to edit, click the line feed button to add.


- Cold start speed comparable to native calculators, purely for calculations, no extra content to load.
- Compact size saves valuable storage space.
- Calculation results are displayed instantly, fast and smooth.

Ease of use

- Automatically saves all calculations, whether you exit the software completely or it is cleaned up in the background.
- Control the keyboard by sliding the "keyboard indicator" above the keyboard to hide, show and switch between left and right one-handed modes.
- Support 20 steps of undo and redo to prevent accidental deletion.
- Quickly move and position the cursor by directly clicking on the formula or by long-pressing the input box, and precisely move the cursor by clicking on the left and right arrow keys of the keyboard.
- Long press on a calculation equation to copy the equation or result.

Other details

- Color-coordinated dark mode with the option to always turn on, off or follow the system.
- Thanks to the powerful "Taptic Engine", every click has just the right amount of feedback, and the intensity of the touch feedback can be infinitely adjusted in the settings.
- In the settings, you can choose the number of decimal places to keep for the calculation.
- Considering different device sizes and different palm sizes, you can steplessly adjust the width of the keyboard in one-handed mode in the settings according to your needs.
- Various keyboard layouts1 are available to match different usage scenarios or habits.